Couples Project

Inspire other couples with your story (in-print and on-screen – hint! hint!) of how you and your spouse are building a legacy together while maintaining a healthy relationship.

Get all the details March 28, 2022 at 7pm EST




Meet the Visionaries

Eric & Dr. Ranelli Williams have been married for 20 years and are the dynamic duo co-founders of ERJ Services, LLC, a Tax, Accounting, and Advisory business. They help their clients gain clarity and confidence around their business finances, so they are positioned to make strategic decisions that yield greater profits and exponential growth.

Eric and Ranelli Williams live their faith and believe that this makes them better practitioners, members of society, and partners. Guided by these values and their commitment to their church, they are devoted to their family and their community. This type of dedication translates to the work they do as accounting and tax professionals and the promises they make to their clients are:

  • We will work until the work is done right – there are no shortcuts
  • We will always pursue quality not quantity
  • We will strive to get to know all our clients and will never treat any as just one of many
  • We will assure that each client is comfortable with us
  • We will assure that our clients know that we have their best interests at heart

Dr. Ranelli is a 10x Amazon bestselling author and cast member in Driven Success Documentary and is partnering with her husband on this Legacy project in celebration of being in business together for 10 years and leading up to their 20th wedding anniversary. We can’t wait to share the details. This project will impact your life and business tremendously.