Couples Project

We are seeking to partner with 20 couples (married and engaged) to be a representative for positive relationships while creating legacy. Join us and gain exposure for your business in front of hundreds of ideal clients while making a difference.

Registration Closes April 11, 2022





Allison Denise

BECOME A BESTSELLING AUTHOR with Allison Denise of Brand It Beautifully™, 13x Bestselling Author (6 of which she is the Visionary), International Speaker, and Award-Winning Designer of Books and Author Brands

Be equipped with writing prompts, co-writing sessions, promotional graphics, a fully designed book produced & published in Paperback and eBook format with global distribution.

Jacinth Headlam

MAKING LOVE & MONEY DOCUMENTARY by Jacinth Headlam, Multi-award-winning actress, author, QVC on-air talent, film producer, motivational speaker, and above all mother.

Jacinth just finished shooting her motivational documentary “I’m Jacinth – Love After” which covers the story of her life both in Jamaica and the US. By producing her own films, she is not only creating opportunities for herself but most importantly for others to live out their dreams.

Steve and Pasha Carter</h3>

MAGAZINE FEATURE in VIP Global Magazine by Steve and Pasha Carter

We created VIP Global Magazine to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with a platform to learn, network, and shop in one place, no matter where they are in the world,” says Pasha Carter, Founder and Editor-in-Chief. “The magazine is an online support system like no other, because it shares highly sought-after advice and top-notch secrets from professionals who are giants in their industries.

Edward & Debbie Smith

TRAINING WORKSHOP: Marriage Enrichment by Edward & Debbie Smith of Meet the Smiths

Edward and Debbie are Certified Family Life Educators who enjoy doing life together. They are 3X published authors who travel globally to facilitate workshops, retreats, and conferences because of their passion to see families thrive. Edward and Debbie believe that the key to success lies in one’s ability to build and maintain healthy relationships. They are enthusiastic about helping others become #RelationshipStrong.

Kyle & Ariel Tresch

TRAINING WORKSHOP: Marketing Education by Kyle & Ariel Tresch of Couplepreneurs Official

Inside this 14-video course, you’ll discover…The fastest way to scale a service-based business online in 2022, marketing message ‘tweaks’ that can double your sales, your daily step-by-step checklist for getting clients (working 2 hrs per day), new ways to optimize your social media profiles to attract dream clients, and so much more!

Eric & Dr. Ranelli Williams

TRAINING WORKSHOP: Money Elevation by Eric & Dr. Ranelli Williams of ERJ Services

Eric and Ranelli have been referred to as the dynamic duo and are sought-after Accounting Professionals. Eric and Ranelli, CPA and Profit Strategist, will cover profit and tax hacks for small business owners. They will also include elements of their marriage and money workshop, which supports couples in mastering their finances, together!


  • Speak in the Making Love & Money Summit with the opportunity to lead generate & split proceeds (value $1,500)
  • Mastermind with other couples in business for the duration of the project (value $6,000)
  • 20 complimentary copies of the book (value $500)
  • Investment Recovery opportunity with the Book PreSales Campaign
  • Lifetime membership in our upcoming online business directory. (value $2,500)
  • Couples Gift Bag mailed to you (value $500)
  • Couple Award Nominations. Winners will be announced during the book summit.
  • Chance to win a vacation stay in Virginia Beach


An endeavor of this size would take a massive investment of time and be valued at $21,000 at minimum. However, partnering with us only requires your

— Couple Chapter Submission of 1500 words
— Couple Author Bio (150 words)
— High Definition Author Headshot
— Commitment to Participate Fully and a fee of

Option #1



Option #2

5 Monthly Payments of $627


Option #3

Secure External Funding


Meet the Visionaries

Eric & Dr. Ranelli Williams have been married for 20 years and are the dynamic duo co-founders of ERJ Services, LLC, a Tax, Accounting, and Advisory business. They help their clients gain clarity and confidence around their business finances, so they are positioned to make strategic decisions that yield greater profits and exponential growth.

Eric and Ranelli Williams live their faith and believe that this makes them better practitioners, members of society, and partners. Guided by these values and their commitment to their church, they are devoted to their family and their community. This type of dedication translates to the work they do as accounting and tax professionals and the promises they make to their clients are:

  • We will work until the work is done right – there are no shortcuts
  • We will always pursue quality not quantity
  • We will strive to get to know all our clients and will never treat any as just one of many
  • We will assure that each client is comfortable with us
  • We will assure that our clients know that we have their best interests at heart

Dr. Ranelli is a 10x Amazon bestselling author and cast member in Driven Success Documentary and is partnering with her husband on this Legacy project in celebration of being in business together for 10 years and leading up to their 20th wedding anniversary. We can’t wait to share the details. This project will impact your life and business tremendously.